unhide primary partition

I downloaded Paragon Disk Manager and hid Drive C in error.  (do not have a paragon cd) Have no backup.  When rebooting pc get the BOT.  How do I unhide this partition without the software?   Are there other programs that will create a bootable cd/dvd I could use to unhide partition?
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Download Parted Magic: www.partedmagic.com
It's a bootable Linux live CD specialized in these matters.

Once you boot off it, use the Partition Manager icon on the desktop, right-click your C partition, and select to Unhide. (If there is no unhide option, you may have to select 'Manage flags' and then unhide)

That should do the trick.
In case you don't know how to burn a bootable image, download ImgBurn (www.imgburn.com), run and select "Write image to disk", then point it to the .Iso file yopu downloaded.
The .iso file is inside a .zip file when you download it, so unzip prior to burning.
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