how to configure a GFS cluster using CentOS/Red Hat linux


I am using  CentOS Linux

I am configuring a GFS cluster. I have read some documentation on red hat website regarding GFS. But, somethings are not clear.

I am using GFS for a SAN that I am working on. The SAN contains many FC HD Enclosures that are connected to FC switchs. There will be 3 boxes that will access these enclosures. These
boxes will work as the controllers and present the LV to another set of servers running the DB.

1) Does each of the 3 controller boxes needs to run its own copy of CentOS and I mount the GFS on each of the 3 boxes OS?
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yes, all node should  be running an updated Centos installation and a gfs file system should be mounted on all nodes.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
That the whole purpose of GFS, mount a single filesystem for concurrent use from several systems.
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