The cheapests or less expensive compatible RAID Controller Adapter for ESXI 4.0x

I am seeking days a cheap compatible RAID Adapter for ESXI with real valid RAID 10.

I know that the super cheap Silicon Image 3114 and 3124 are compatible with ESXI 3.5x but the ESXI see the HDs in single mode only. (fake RAID)

I found this one:

its not in HCL, but very similar models are:

For me , there is a good chance that this adapter work in ESXI 3.5x, I am thinking to try this one.

But we dont live in past, every sysadmin seek a cheap solution for ESXI 4.0, so:

What cheap or less expensive RAID Adapter models are compatible with ESXI 4.0?
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go withthe hp (lsi) model. the si alternative has issues when drives fail and can put your data at risk in scenarios that the HP controller handles.

more importantly, get enterprise class disk drives and avoid the cheap consumer class disks that aren't appropriate for 24x7 use
DUX_NEKRONAuthor Commented:
It give me a good north, but didn't answered my main question, that what model(s) of RAID adapter is cheap and good for ESXI 4.

I ll be more directly in next ask, by the way dlethe give me important informations for that, and let me think about another interesting things.

Thank you

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