iPhone 3GS crashing iTunes.exe on Win 7 and Mac

I've got an Apple iPhone 3GS and the iTunes integration worked great for months, until my iTunes and every other iTunes I've tried (latest 9.0.2) on Win 7, Mac keep crashing as soon as I connect my iPhone to the computer. Here are the details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iTunes.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4afca401
Fault Module Name: iTunes.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4afca3e5
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00332920
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2058
Additional Information 1: 9e27
Additional Information 2: 9e2778096e7e1e2a2e0302fe58f3eea8
Additional Information 3: 9e27
Additional Information 4: 9e2778096e7e1e2a2e0302fe58f3eea8

My iPhone by itself (without connecting it to iTunes) works great.
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Oh. It appears you have corrupted something iTunes relies on to 'read' the iPhone library

Depending on your method of jailbreak, both Rock and Cydia keep a record of applications/licenses  purchased. If you are using Rock, try restoring to a date prior tobit's first use. Cydia, does not offer such a service, but Rock will keep track of both.

However, always keep in mind the iPhone is a PC. PC's get corrupt and need a rebuild occasionally. A pain, but necessary.  

So a rebuild may be in order.

Outside if that, you could attempt to delete your iTunes plist, and if, a big IF, iTunes does not crash, and offers to setup your iPhone as a new phone, you can do so without fear of losing applications and personal settings and resync your music library.

Go to /User/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/ and rename/delete the file iTunesControl.

At risk to having to restore anyway. I have used both TouchCopy (Win) and PhoneView (Mac) to do so in the past.  I do not know if Wondershare has the same ability.

I think you will need to reinstall the Iphone operating system.
SexyFastAuthor Commented:
In order to do that I need to restore IN iTunes application, but it always crashes, so no way of doing that.
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I would start with reinstalling iTunes http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1224 next I would check for software update by clicking on the apple on the left hand corner of the screen.

Computers are wonderful devices but they gather a lot of crud. I routinely rebuild every system we have at least once a year to lay down a 'fresh layer' of the OS. Especially needed it you install/uninstall a lot of software. So, rather than go there:

1. Delete all temporary files
2. Disable iTunes sharing
3. Clean reboot
4. DFU Restore as outlined below.

Put your phone in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode prior to connecting it to iTunes. Once it is in DFU mode, iTunes 'should' immediately detect that condition and only offer to rebuild from scratch.

This will mean of course you will lose all personal data not backed up.
To put into DFU mode:


Which is essentially press and hold the sleep/wake and home button simultaneously and releasing the sleep/wake button after 10 seconds.

I have owned 5 iphones since the begining and have never NOT been able to got into DFU mode and install the latest firmware.

Mmmm, another idea would be that you need to clear out the old backups (you can either delete them or just move them, but since you say it happens on Mac & Win7, I suspect bad installation and deleting/moving the files will not suffice - but does not hurt to attempt).

For location of the backups:


Once you have completed restoration, you can then restore from the latest backup (provided you did not delete them from above!).
Open my program "iTunes" and then plug in your iDevice while its in DFU mode (device firmware upgrade)

then a memory-consuming-popup will appear telling you that you need to restore the device before it can be used (blatent lie, it just means it failed a hashcheck. don't tell anyone though)
restore. iTunes will connect to one of my servers and download the latest firmware for your device, at a slow speed (due to all the other people I've tricked having to download it also) then it will auto-restore to the firmware for you.

Hope I could be of some use, and thanks for lining my pocket!
SexyFastAuthor Commented:
I dont really want to restore in DFU, I already knew I could do that, I actually wanted to know if there's any possibility to SSH my device (jailbroken) and modify any [corrupt] files or something. I believe my problem started after I used the Wondershare iPhone to Pc transfer to import some of my music to my PC's llibrary.
SexyFastAuthor Commented:
Not exactly that, but gave me the clues to finally solve it.
Thanks for the points, but don't leave me in suspense: Final Solution????
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