do WN802T-200 having guess access control?

I just want to know netgear product do WN802T-200 having guess access control?
my meaning of  guess access control is "can connect guess to internet, but not able to access other computers on lan"
information on this product is on

anyone can find it out for me?
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I scanned through the owners manual:

It doesn't show "Wireless Isolation" as an option. If the store you are buying this from has an return policy, buy it and try it.

Being such an expensive device, I can't imagine this not having the isolation feature. Their cheaper WG302 model has Wireless Isolation.
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
looking at system specifications and quick install manual, there is no reference to a guest zone what so ever
fsze88Author Commented:
I guess access point products from netgear, any PROSAFE serial have "guess access" or "isolation" function.
I interested in WNDAP350

please announce yours opinions
Thanks both of you

fsze88Author Commented:
because theonlyallan guide me only PROSAFE serials provide 'guess access control' or 'isolation' .
So I gave more point to him.
But, I welcome jakob_di for assitance
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
Guest Access and Isolation is not the same thing.
Guest Access - create a logical different network, another IP address another VLAN with strictly the access you provide
ISolation - Wireless Clients cannot communicate with each other, but they are on the same network, same VLAN and wired clients on the same LAN can be connected to from wireless clients
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