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Converting PageMaker 6.5 file to pdf

I have a PageMaker 6.5 file which i want to convert to pdf. I have received this file from a client for uploading to a web-site. I do not have PageMaker installed on my systems and do not intend to do so because i don't have a licenced copy. please help.
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you can install a free PDF printer:




Then open your pagemake document, go to file,select print and print to the PDF printer, then it will turn to pdf format
Sorry read this wrong... You will either need to get PageMaker or have the client upload the file in PDF format so you can read it... There is nothing to automatically convert it for you... Its a proprietary format...
vivekmahajanAuthor Commented:
The problem is that i do not have PageMaker 6.5. Adobe has an online service at acrobat.com to convert MS Office documents online to pdf format, but when you try to convert PM 6.5 file it generates an error. Is there any similar online service for such conversion.
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