How to convert a cartoon into a movie.


Today googling a little,I found a cartoon that I saw when I was
younger. I liked it very much,but seen with the eyes of today,I can
tell that it's not drawn very well. I'm not experienced working with
animations,but can you tell me,please what could be the best way to
convert it into a movie ? 1) build it again using toon boom with real
textures or 2) take images and scenes from other movies and to makes a
good work of cut / paste ?
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u can re-edit cartoon movie.... but its advisable to first take copyright permission from film maker before telecasting or web casting....

u can use ulead video studio video editing and re mastering software for editing video / copy part/ video effects / entering text on screen / changing sound tracks... / Foley artist stage..

google for " ulead video studio"

if ur planning creating new cartoon movie then adobe flash / Macromedia flash would be nice..
marietto2008Author Commented:
I tried ulead video studio. WIth it I can't do anything. I would like to build a real movie,starting from the cartoon. I would like to use faces and bodies of my friends and pictures taken from real cities.
marietto2008Author Commented:
u can make GIF image of small movement like walk/run from ur friend's images... and just super impose it on territory images.... affordable option is Macromedia / adobe flash...

less time consumption option create ... GIF for frequent event in movement......

hand movement(fight), driving car... etc...
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