How to set the same permision of Apache with file/folder of Proftpd?

I use proftpd to get upload-file of user. Each user have a folder to upload.
I want to do a web module (Apache), with it, user can delete, move files/folders uploaded by Proftpd
But Apache have not permision to manipulate with file/folder uploaded by proftpd.

How can I resolve this problem
Thank you very much!
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bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
oh, I've resolved my problem!

My way:

groupadd -g 5500 ftpgroup
adduser -u 5500 -s /bin/false -d /bin/null -c "proftpd_user" -g apache ftpuser

- In config file of proftpd:
If we want apache can manipulate on subfolder created by ftp, so we need set umask = 002, ==> subfolder created by ftp will has 775 of permission

and don't forget home dir:
CreateHome on 775 dirmode 775

I assume your web server runs as apache:web.

If you upload in the $HOME of the user:

<Directory ~>
    UserOwner apache
    GroupOwner web

If you have a separate structure of upload direcories like /var/www/username/upload:

<Directory /var/www/*/upload>
    UserOwner apache
    GroupOwner web
bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
Thank you
I try as your guide, but not success!
Is there anymore setting with Umask?

I found some information here:

But I don't how know to apply...

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Well, it will only work for new files and you have to give apache:web the correct permissions to the users' upload directories (rwx) and at least passthrough permissions (x) for every parent directory.

Does the apache error_log show anything?
bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
Yes, but how to set  Umask?

and My apache log announce: permissiion deny!
It can not write to Directory created (both old or new) by proftpd

The Umask won't help you there, you have to permit access to the directories for the web server.

chgrp web /var/www/username/upload
chmod g+rwx /var/www/username/upload
bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
I don't understand user/group much
- When I list file upload by proftpd, I see Owner = 5500
but 5500 not found in /etc/passwd or /etc/group

So, how can I continue?

( I want apache and proftpd both have the same permision on File/Folder of each other)
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