want ie to have small/no cache

how to reduce cache size
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I would not suggest a small or no cache, you need some... Let the web developers/server administrators expire the cache on your computer.... I would only change this to a small number if your running out of disk space.... Here is how to change it in IE7

How do I change the cache size?

You will need to go into the Tools section of the Internet Explorer menu, then choose Internet Options, General, and then the Settings button in the Browsing History section. The setting you need to change is listed as disk space to use. You can choose any figure between 8MB and 1024MB, though Microsoft recommends a figure between 50MB and 250MB. Most people find 50-100MB is a good balance between getting the benefits of a disk cache without affecting performance.
I would agree. Altering, minimizing the cache for IE, or any web browser, can lead to some serious performance issues. If you're worried about size, simply empty your cache on a regular basis (say, once a week).
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