How can I check the fan of my HP Compaq 2510p laptop


I got changed the motherboard of my HP Compaq 2510p laptop, and know I don't hear the fan.

How can I check if the fan is actually working?

I downloaded speedfan but It does not detect the fan. However it show the following temps:
Temps are....
Temp 1 25C
Temp 2 68C
Temp 3 63C
Temp 4 49C
Temp 5 30C
Temp 6 70C
Core 0 73C
Core 1 73C

Thank you very much for your help!
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73C is very high for a processor (163F)!  If you can't hear the fan, you can't feel warm. driven air coming out of the laptop, and SpeedFan tells you it can't see the fan, most likely the fan isn't running.

Did you replace the motherboard yourself, or did someone do it for you?  If you did it yourself, go in and check the fan.  It's a hassle, but you're better safe than sorry.

If someone did it for you, take it back and demand they fix it and get it back to you as fast as possible.  You should have some priority over others who just brought their stuff in for repair since you've already waited your turn.
giangabrielAuthor Commented:
Hi splait, someone did it, not me.

I used SpeedFan on another Toshiba Laptop that is working well, and speedfan won't detect the fan neither.

Do you know any other application that works with the Compaq 2510p ?

Thank you
What were the processor temps on the second laptop?
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giangabrielAuthor Commented:
GPU= 74C
GPU= 76C
HD0= 31C
HD1= 34C
Core 0= 51C
Core 1= 53C

This is a Laptop Toshiba X205-sli1 with 2 hard drives, 2 video cards and Core 2 Duo Processor.

Notice that the temps of the cores is significantly lower for PC #2 - 20C or about 62F.  PC #2 is running at normal temps.  The HP is way too hot.  From your data, I'd say the HP fan Is not running.
giangabrielAuthor Commented:
Thank you splait.

Do you know any other fan checker application I can use in my Toshiba ?
As far as I know, speedfan is the best of them all.  I scoured the Internet a moment ago and there are few mentions of any other software.

In addition, I found a post that indicated that, while your HP readings are high, they are not out of tolerance.  However, if they get any higher, the cores may burn up.

An alternative to opening up the box and having the fan checked is to buy a decent USB laptop base with fans built in.  There are many out on the market.  Here's an example:

This is an example only.  I do not necessarily recommend this model.
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