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Event ID 7023 - Server 2008 R2 RODC after adding Hyper-V role

We installed MS Windows server 2008 R2 on a new server, promoted it as a RODC (not a server core) for a branche office. Everything was working well, untill I added the Hyper-V role. The first reboot after adding Hyper-V role the DNS service started to be terminated during boot.
Error 31-12-2009 14:25:34 Service Control Manager      7023 "The DNS Server service terminated with the following error: The network is not present or not started."

Also The Intersite Messaging service is being terminated.
Error 31-12-2009 14:25:35 Service Control Manager      7023 "The Intersite Messaging service terminated with the following error: The specified server cannot perform the requested operation."

We now have to manually start these two services after every reboot. After removing the Hyper-V role the DNS and Intersite Messaging service are still being terminated.

Can anybody help me fix this?
1 Solution
how many network cards do you have on this server ?

if you have more then 1 card (NIC), are you using the same NIC for host server and Hyper-v server ?

try deleting the Hyper-v virtual network and binding it to another card ?

check for the computer browser and other services to make sure there startup type is set to automatic
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
The server is a HP ProLiant DL380 G6 Server. There 2 nic adapters, the 2x dual port HP NC382i on board and a PCI-e Dual port NC360T. The drivers and firmware are of the latest available version.

I'm not using the same NIC for host server and Hyper-V. I selected the NC382i for Hyper-V and the NC360T for host server. I have switched the selection (NC382i for host and NC360T for Hyper-V), no difference.

I have deleted the virtual network adapter. I have disabled the unused ethernet ports, only one port is enabled for the host server LAN connection, all virtual networks are removed. After a reboot dns and intersite messaging service are still being terminated. I have added a new virtual network, binded it to the NC360T (host on NC382i). No change, no difference.

I left all services set to default values. The dns and intersite messaging services start are set to Automatic. As default for Windows 2008 and 2008R2, the computer browser service is set to Diabled, to disallow anonymous access. I have enabled the computer browser service, but after a reboot the dns and inintersite messaging services are still being terminated. So the dns doesn't seem to be depended on the computer browser service?
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
When I set the dns and intersite messaging service to Delayed Start, they do start up.
Is that the way to go here?
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NicoNLAuthor Commented:
Delayed Start doesnt look like the solution. Active Directory Domain Services, File Replication, Kerberos Key Distribution Center all need DNS during startup. The eventvwr is still fully error red during startup, so I have set it back to Automatic Start. I added the evtx Administrative Events. Do you see any clue to what can be going wrong?
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
Evtx is not an accepted extention, so I converted it to txt..
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
Maybe the csv format gives a beter view
check the hardware compatibity with this product , Vurtualzation of any type can be picky , especially with the proccessor type
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
The NC382i NIC is intergrated on the server motherboard, so at least this on board NIC should be fully compatible with  the HP ProLiant DL380 G6 server. Or do you mean compatibility with Hyper-V? Is there a compatibility list for Hyper-V? HP lists server 2008R2 drivers, so HP suppports server 2008R2 for this server. I've been told that there is an issue with HP NICs and 2008R2, especially when using teaming. I have created a case at HP support for this. but it seems that already the latest available driver and firmware versions are installed. I'm hoping for HP tp reply ion this the coming week.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Can you delete the teaming, re-install all your NICs and then create a virtual network (type = External) to see if that helps ?

Make sure the cable is plugged in properly from the physical switch to your server's appropriate NIC ports.

If un-teaming doesn't help ; I would suggest is to contact HP Support on this as there have quite a few issues with HP Dual / Quad Port NICs and Hyper-v, usually re-installing or updating to the latest firmware / drivers have helped.

Also, when you delete the virtual network, then delete the nics from device manager (Start > Run> devmgmt.msc )

re-start the hyper-v Host and see if server 2008R2 detects and install the driver itself, if it does test with it first before installing drivers from HP.
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
Hi Mutahir,

Great, thanks a million, this did it :-))))

I hadn't yet used teaming. I removed the virtual networks. Next I uninstalled the NICs and rebooted, 2008R2 detected the driver itself. For the NC382i the driver provider is Hewlett-Packard Company, for the NC360T the driver provider is Intel. But all the AD errors in the event log are gone now. DNS and the intersite Messaging services do start again Automatically.
Hopefully HP will publish an updated and working driver soon for these NICs.
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