USB doesn't recognize ONLY for my new printer (Windows Vista 64bit)

I just bought Samsung CLX-6200 FX printer and am trying to cocnnect it via USB to Windows Vista 64bit. All usb devices that connected to this computer are working property, but the printer.

I tried to conenct the printer to my notebook and it worked fine (It's windows XP).
I reset (uninstall and search for new usb device) for all usb ports. But only the printer's usb doesn't recognize. It even doesn't show or sound anything when I plug / unplug the printer's usb, but everything else.

By the way I'm using BELKIN's usb hub and I have about 9 USB devices including the printer.

Please someone advise if you know any solution.

Thank you.
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The Windows 7 compatability site says the drivers are compatible with 64-bit:

However this was my chat with Samsung support:
Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Joseph'

Joseph: Hello, I am a Samsung Technical Support representative. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: Hello, does the Samsung CLX-6200FX printer work with Windows 7 64-bit? I see 32-bit drivers, but I don't explicitely see 32-bit.

Joseph: Let me check.

Visitor: Thank you

Joseph: There are no Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit but you can can try 32 bit drivers and check if they work.

Visitor: Ok, thank you.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Based on my own experience with 64-bit machines (Vista and Windows 7) you need 64-bit printer drivers from Samsung for the printer to work. ... Thinkpads_User
eb110kAuthor Commented:
Yes, you were right. There is no driver for 64bit of Vista of the printer yet. I will have to use networking.

Thank you for your help and a happy new year!
Thank you, and happy new year to you as well!
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