Windows hangs - hardware malfunction or can be fixed?

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I have an old Acer Aspire 1640 laptop, with freshly restored from backup windows partition. No viruses, no any unusual programs installed.
The problem as the follows: When windows XP Home boots in normal mode it does not respond on mouse/keyboard events, and I have to remove the battery to reboot the machine.
But in the Safe mode windows boots fine, I opened the event log and noticed a record dated the last fail - the SENS (System Event Notification) service hung.
I tried to disable the service, it did not help. I tried to reinstall Windows, the installer behaves same way.
But any Linux live CD I tried boots and works without any problem.

My questions: Could this be a hardware problem (the interrupt controller or something malfunction)?
Can windows be fixed/patched/reconfigured to work with it? What else can I do?
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Apologies on that.
Dunno why but the way the question is posted here, triggered- "remove the battery"!
And looking back you did mention it in the other thread :(

Found a thread which is worth the read

If you could borrow another battery of same model/type to test in laptop would be ideal troubleshooting for this!
Hi again,
Just thought>
Have you tried the laptop in normal mode with battery removed completely, just running from mains?
This problem is definetely not relates to hardware, there is an aplication or driver that is causing this behavior. That id obvious because you can boot and work fine with a Linux live cd. You should try to disable any applications that are booting up.
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zc2Author Commented:
That was a great idea!
I removed the battery and the windows started to work normally
I wonder, how the keyboard/mouse behavior and the battery can be connected???
So pity you did not suggest that before I restored windows from the backup.
And most important, what should I do now. Leave the laptop without the battery?
That's not much convenient...
zc2Author Commented:
I disabled the ACPI driver as was suggested an now windows works even with the battery attached.
I mentioned in the related thread that "I removed the battery", but I always put it back. after.
Why I did that? damn, I'm so stupid. :(
Sometimes we all can overlook something. Like I said about your previous thread!

I suppose with the machine restored it gave it a "Spring clean"!
zc2Author Commented:
Thank you much!
You're welcome.
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