Hello everyone, i have two simple questions to ask,Question 1 one i have a 1720 router ( got free because person erased IOS by mistake) so it has no IOS, in rommon when you do the command dir you just get  usage : dir <device>, hate to see router go to waste, so is there somewhere you can buy IOS when you need them, if so how to go about it?
Question 2 , I know someone that has a 1720 router when you show flash it does not show you the IOS .bin file ,it shows nvram dir, is that normal, tried to copy to tftp server but had no luck? Thanks Mike
mike boeAsked:
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
1) You'll have to obtain the IOS from Cisco. Contact a Cisco Authorized Partner.

2) No, that's not... typical. Normally the IOS is a .bin file in flash. However, it is possible to load the IOS from a TFTP server during bootup. This is rarely done as it can take a long time to pull the file over the network. Check the running-config for a line that start with "boot system..." Also, please post the output of a "show flash".
1) You need a CCO account that's bound to some sort of SmartNET contract for support, in order to download IOS's.

2) Try show slot0.  The image is probably on a CF card in the router.
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