How do I change the Form1 titlebar font?

In a simple Visual Studio WinForm application, the title bar text of Form1 is displayed with a Sans Serif 8.25 font. It is true that the properties window lets you specify a new title (such as "My New Title"). The properties window also lets you change the font. BUT WAIT: The actual title bar text font DOES NOT CHANGE -- the only thing that changes is that when you drag a new control on the Form1 (such as a Label), the new font is used for that control -- the title bar remains the same.

Is there any way to change the font for the titlebar text?  
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
The font is controlled by SYSTEM WIDE settings that affect ALL windows.

So your choices are:
(1) Change the settings at the OS level (not recommended)
(2) Get down and dirty and draw the non-client area yourself when the WM_NCPAINT message is received:

Unfortunately with #2 you can't just tell it to use XXX have to manually draw the text yourself with manually computed values.
chaffinsjcAuthor Commented:
So sad. But I think it's only fair to award the points: it's not your fault the solution is not realistic. Thank you -- I'll stop trying to do this.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
If you want to go that route, and don't want to manually implement just that feature, then I suggest you search for a "skinning" solution.  There are lots out there...but then you end up customizing just about everything about the "look and feel" of your app.
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