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What do I need to provide wireless internet?

Hello, I don't know much about networking but an opportunity of building a business being an ISP appear to me. I need to make the numbers for a business plan but I know too little about it.

I need to know about the hardaware and software I would need to get, and the stimate price of each equipment. It must be a wireless network using Wimax or another technology you see fit. I've been reading a little and I think I would need a Wimax basestation antenna, probably a server, and some user antennas too. Please give me stimate prices for each equipment and software I would need. Make your answers as complete and detail as possible. And if there's a networking forum I can go to that would be good too? Thanks so much.
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WiMax base stations are very expensive... I think you should first look at the area you need to cover, how large is it?  What type of internet speeds do you expect users to have?  how many users do you have on the system at he same time?  Do you expect he users to buy your WiMax converter box or use a WiFi Card?  The base stations, how are they connected to each other, fiber, Ethernet or T1?

This is a very complicated thing you are looking at, you are also looking at a large investment...
ivanblueAuthor Commented:
Hi ICaldwell, I plan to provide for a town in Argentina of 500 potential users, there no competition and the terrain is flat. I plan to have just one basestation is possible, and the basestation equipment should be able to provide for all these people. The speeds would be from 256Kbps to 2Mbps per user. I expect the client pay a fee for and ceiling antenna or maybe we provide that as free of charge. How much do you think the investment would be for biz with these basic specs? I've been reading about a Motorola Starter Kit (25k-30k approx.) Thanks so much.
The started Kit is low.... WIMax is usually run on a frequency that is not public, you will have to buy that frequency, that price widely varies and I do not know how much that would cost were you are...

Also remember that WiMax is designed to be up high... At least on the second story of a building for line of sight, its really designed to be on top of a cell phone tower...  Additional cost there...  Most users also expect 24/7 access so a generator may also be required...  As you can see you need to do a lot of research into this, look more at your initial info structure cost before looking at the actually WiMax device to transmit your signal...

If I were to conservatively estimate a cost of one base station as well as some basic info structure I would figure you somewhere close to 50 - 75K (estimate, please do not reply on this)...  Also remember from one base station you will cover a large around outside but it isn't that great at going into buildings... this means that people may need to get outside receivers... are people willing to do this?

You may also look into working with your local government to WIFi enable the city... They may allow you to add wifi boxes on the top of light posts around the area.... Google successfully did this in Mountain View, Ca...  http://wifi.google.com/

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