Cisco configuration professional on Cisco 881w

Hi everyone.

I have a strange problem with my cisco configuration professional, and cisco cp express on Cisco 881w.

first my systems im trying from:
Windows 2003 server latest Internet explorer, latest flash, latest java (01-01-2010)
Windows 7 Enterprise latest  Firefox, latest Internet explorer, latest flash, latest java (01-01-2010)

When i use Cisco CP Express the tabs called "Internet WAN" and "Wireless" are emply. (the client just seems to hang)

When i use Cisco CP, most of the options just never loads and just says "Loading". An example is configuration -> router -> Router Options. It just says Status loading and never changes.

Other pages are just plain unuseable. They are all pressed to the top, so most of the buttons are not possible to see.  

I have tried resetting the entire router and setting it all up from the begginning again, but no luck. Anyone else had this problem and found a solution ?

I will attatch an image.
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WraithboneAuthor Commented:
i found the solution myself.

I upgraded both Cisco CP and cisco CP express to version 2.0, and now everything works like a charm!

hope this helps someone else out there too.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Could be a browser setting problem?

Try the safe mode of your browser without addons.

If still no joy, try resetting your browser to defaults / clean up temp files and cookies.

Test and see.

WraithboneAuthor Commented:
As I posted above I already found the solution to my problem. But thankyou for your input :)
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Sorry pal,

The fact is that I open up all questions of my interest in different tabs, & while replying to other questions, get drifted off while searching and posting. so gets a bit late. Had I hit the "refresh" button, my comment would not have been there.


WraithboneAuthor Commented:
Hehe it's ok :) I do the same :) have a nice newyear :)
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