Restored Exchange 2003 Database won't mount - EventID 9518 & 9519

Problems with old server, bringing a new server on-line with the same name, organization, etc as our old server.   Have a current backup from NTBackup of the exchange db, dismounted new server db, renamed db files and restored DB from old server.  Failed hard recovery of log files, so I ran useutil /p to repair db, verified integrity of DB which now shows clean shutdown with no log files req. DB still will not mount if though there doesn't seem to be any problems. Event Log shows 9518,9519,9175(MAPI provider failed). Not sure if the E2k3 service pack is at the same level, would this cause a problem?  Might still be able to bring up the old server to check possibly.
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Tiras25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes they have to match the other server.
All the log files have been restored too?

If so you need to force  the DB to get into  a consistent state with eseutil tool.  Otherwise you won't mount.  Do eseutil /cc <path to restore.env file>  
WebccAuthor Commented:
That failed so, I ran a eseutil /p to repair the DB.  Checked status and tried to mount but failed.  Could the Service Pack be an issue?  Have not loaded any Exchange service packs on this server, not sure what the old server had.  Is there anyway to tell with any eseutil commands?
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