How to convert .mod to dvd format

hi there. my uncle has this canon fs11 camcorder and whenever he video tapes with it, he wants me to get the stuff on to a dvd to show on a dvd player. It saves the file in a .mod format....what is the best and quickest software to get this converted into a dvd format and burnt unto a dvd...thanks...

brian ramdhaniCT Technician Asked:
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The .MOD file format is unique to Canon. And, the camcorder should have come with software that can convert it. However, you should be able to simply rename the .MOD files to .MPG and then, using Windows Movie Maker, burn it to a DVD.

Narender GakkaAWS / DevOps / Cloud ConsultantCommented:

You could use this tool

this to convert the raw .mod to DVD directly

Hope this helps.........Narender Gakka
My JVC uses mod also. Supplied software Cyberlink Power Director / Power Producer.

Chris B
I use Super Video converter to convert them to mpeg then Nero Vision to author to DVD
If your DVD burner came with Nero check you have Nero Vision
Super video converter
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
i got the software that came with it and used it. thanks
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