Outlook 2007 Plain Text Emails Blank

I have an issue when someone sends me a plain text email I cannot see the text.  I can select it and the words are not visible, however the outline matches the width of the line that the text would have created (I know that might be difficult to understand).  If I copy the selected area and paste into Word, Notepad or another program it does not show up until I highlight the text.

Norton 360 is the protection software.
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Bill PrewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An odd problem, but here are a few thoughts.

Is this in the "reading pane" of the main screen, or when you open an email, or both?

Check the font being used to display plan text emails by the following:

Open Outlook. Go to the "Tools" menu, select "Options" and then click the "Mail Format" tab. Click the "Stationery and Fonts" button in the middle of the dialog box.  Toward the bottom of that window in the "font for plain text" section you should see a sample, and can also click on the FONT button.  Make sure it isn't white on white or something.  Maybe try changing the color.

Also, if you reply to a plain text message is the text then visible?

Jackie ManCommented:
I guess that the problem appears on all plain text emails from particular sender. Right?

If yes, have you tried to send a plain text email to yourself and see whether the email received is blank too.

If the answers for all two questions above are YES, the problem is caused by anti-virus software.
Another thing i would check that could cause these types of problems is the stationary selected as your default in outlook, and how it is interpreting the incoming mail. Try going into tools -> options -> mail format -> stationary and make the settings look as the image i have attached. Then RESTART outlook. (No matter what, these settings wont take place until outlook is completly restarted.) Let me know.. i hope this helps.. just my 2 cents!
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