Configuring mandatory virus scan while copying the files

We are having window server and few databases are using this server. This server has shared drives, which is used by the application developers to copy application related files on the sever either by network/flash drive.

Considering criticality I would like to configure antivirus scan in such away that every file which is to be copied on the server has undergo scanning.  Is there any we can achieve this.
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geowrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The default settings on every major anitivirus client perform scans whenever a potentially executable file (sometimes configurable to all files) is accessed, and again when it is executed. This is all part of real-time protection. That said, sine it's a database server, sometimes real-time scanning is disabled as it can interfere. If so, most antivirus software lets you enable real-time scanning but then only enable scanning of certain folders. If so, just make sure all files you want scanned are within that path at some point.
Narender GakkaConnect With a Mentor AWS / DevOps / Cloud ConsultantCommented:
You can Install any of the Antivirus Sever Editions and Make sure that you can enable the options such as

Deep Scan
File System Auto Protect

Note that each vendor has there own terminology for there Protection level status, so you have to look at the Product details and do the necessary changes, anyway the Antivurus are installed in a way that they scan all the files by default you no need to worry a lot.

Hope this hels..........Narender Gakka
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