In Primavera Project Planner 3. With one project when i am saving layout always following message displaying 'Other users currently accessing layouts. pleas wait'
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FryeMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As the exceptions suggests, P3 thinks another user is using the layout in question.  This can be caused by (1) another user actually using the layout or (2) a previous user exited P3 abnormally leaving P3 in the state where it thinks the user is still there.  That said, I suspect that you are experiencing case (2).
To resolve please try the following.  
1.  Delete the Users50.p3 file in the Projects directory.  This can only be done if no one is accessing any project in this directory&make sure that all connections are closed.
Note: Only move to step 2 if step 1 does not correct this issue.
2.  Run pfxw.exe (project fix) from the P3/Progs directory.  The project must be closed for this utility to run.
3. Rename the PROJLAY.P3 file to PROJLAY.OLD  Note:  Renaming the PROJLAY.P3 file will clear all current layout definitions.
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