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I am looking for good and reliable backup software. can somebody suggest me good backup software . I want couple of folder should syncronize with external hard drive.

should very configurable.


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I have used and like Dmailer backup.  You can sync selected files on your hard drive to any external drive.  Take a look at their website and see if that might be something that you are looking for.
You're looking for the freeware version of a program called SyncBack which you can get from here

It's simple to set up and use and the freeware version does not cost anything. I know loads of people using it and I've never heard one complaint yet. It's one of those little gems that everybody needs and should have.


COMPUTE with CONFIDENCE - Windows & LINUX - Servers & Workstations

I have been using " Acronis True Image Workstation " for the past several years, I have even built a multi-boot development station that allows me to choose to boot into " Acronis True Image Workstation " or my Development Environment.

Any time that I have an accident or anomoly, even a VIRUS or bad update, or just need one file restored I can revert painlessly back to my previous state, including environment & settings, even when the MFG's built-in "system restore" fails.

Backup and restore 1 file or even the complete system/development environment, workstation deployments.

Small Office Solutions
Backup and Recovery for standalone:

Windows servers
Linux servers
Other Solutions:

Recovery for MS SQL Server
Workstation system deployment
Recovery for Microsoft Exchange SBS
What is your requirements ?

Operating system ?
How much data ?
Restoration requirements ?
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