use Exchange or IMAP for mail with MS Outlook?

I need to have a single mailaccount accessible from two workstations both running Microsoft Outlook 2007. Now I am wondering if IMAP or Exchange would fit better. The account has a pretty high mail-load often with attachments (up to some megabytes). This is only about mail. Additional features like shared calendars etc. are not of interest.

Our provider offers Exchange accounts for an additional monthly fee so Exchange would need some real benefit for us to choose it.

Would you recommend to use Exchange over IMAP for a mail-only setup? Why?
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange would provide you with a mailbox that you attach to in outlook as an exchange mailbox.  This allows as many people as you want access to the mailbox at the same time.

IMAP will provide similar functionality of syncing the mailbox with outlook so if IMAP is free go with that.
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