VMWARE Close down when logoff as administrator

1:-I installed Squid Server on VMware workstation 5 .
2:-Vmware workstation5 was installed on Wndows 2003 Server
Now issue is when I log off Windows 2003 server Vmware workstation is also close down
I want after logging off vmware work station keep on running so that my both server can be access and work efficently
I checked that in services .msc vmware services are started automatic .I am not getting solution of this problem please help me out

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as far as I know you need the vmware server instead of the workstation for that.

VMW Workstation (like player) is for programmer / active usage.

With the free vmware server 2.0 you can run your virtual machines after system start without starting workstation / player.

I do in the following way:

a) create a cmd file , eg  "C:\srvtec04 start.cmd"

b) write inside it  (adjusting for your purpose and path) :
REM =====================================================================
cd "E:\VirtualMachines\W2K3 x ST"
"C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmrun.exe" start winnetstandard.vmx 1>1.txt 2>2.txt
REM =====================================================================

c) create a Scheduled Task, launching such cmd
d) check execute as Administrator, and enter password
e) test it, launching from  scheduled task
f) if you need, schedule it at system boot .

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