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I am new to programming and Dephi and have Delphi 2010. I have worked through Introducing Delphi Programming 4th ed and have Marco Cantu's Delphi 2005 book. Find it difficult to read but I am not giving up as I realy like delphi. I am now trying my first small app.
I have a Pervasive database with lots of tables (around 600) and want to build a custom viewer of stock items and summary info. I am using ODBC and dbGo ADO Connection and DataSet plus the rest. I can access the correct tables. There are about 4000 items.
What I need is a finder that I can type in the first few characters of the code and it will narrow down the list. I founf the DBLookupComboBox to be the closest to what i need, except it only sorts on the first character. So if I type "c" it goes to where the c's start, but I may want "cf" or "csz" which is some pages down.

Is there any way to change this on the component to sort on more character positions (I could not find how)?
Am I using the correct component?
Do I need to design my own?

Happy New Year and Prosperity to all Delphi community.
Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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You are not using the correct component.
Instead of reinventing the wheel you can try using devexpress
components (vcl) from :
Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
I take it these are developments from other companies.

Do they all work with Delphi 2010?
From various forums it seems there are some compatibility problems compared to earlier versions of Delphi.

I will have a look at these and revert.
I suggest you try devexpress....
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