How do I recover jpg files

Is it possible to recover the original jpg file if a cropped section has taken the name of the main image from which the section was cropped?
I clicked on SAVE not SAVE AS and of course the crop assumed the original file name....Is there any way back
I was using P'shop CS2 and XP Pro...
Many thanks
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once you close the file that's it, you can retrace whilst the file is open (history and undo etc.), but once it's closed, it's set.
Ps is right unless you have the file still open and can use the history to undo your crop, u are stuck. The information is overwritten on file system level, once you close Photoshop the undo information and with it the cropped area is discarded.

blueskylinerAuthor Commented:
I guess I knew there was nothing I could do - but you never know and it wsa worth a try-
Thanks guys - lesson learnt!
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