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Dell Dimension 3000 cpu fan replacement.

Hi experts I am in a little bit of a delima here.I have a dell 3000 dimension that the cpu fan stopped spinning..I wanted to know if it was possible for me too either get another fan for it..But i am not sure of the size...if it's a 100mm or 120mm fan...Could u guys please assist me with this?And if I choose to use the whole motherboard into another case what type of cpu fan with heatsink and everything would i be able to get that wud clamp down without any problems onto the board?That information would be also appreciated....Thank you.
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Yes you can get a new fan,

The fan is a  92mm x 38mm with Dell 3-pin plug connector

you can search Google shopping for "Dell Dimension 3000 cpu fan"

Here are some places which sell the fan:


The fan is held in by two plastic tabs, its easy to replace without any tools, well maybe a tool to open the case but very easy to fix...
The fan is 92mm. Dell Dimension 2300, 2400, and 3000 series PCs all have heat sinks with a rear mounted fan and shroud. I believe the mounting holes differ from those on a standard Socket 478 layout and am positive that heat sink retention bracket is non-standard.

There are used assemblies for sale on e-Bay or you can simply replace the fan. Motherboard fan connection is non-standard as well, so you may need to save old fan connector and splice wires on new fan to old connector. Another option is to remove the keyed hood from motherboard connector and expose pins -- note wire orientation from old connector before removing hood.

On e-Bay, search for Dimension 3000 fan.

Here's a selection of 92mm fans from Newegg:

My choice would be:
platinumsteel6458Author Commented:
yes..this is exactly what I am looking for..thanks again guys.real experts.
platinumsteel6458Author Commented:
thanks a million brother..u must be a really good top class computer repair guy..i looked all over for replacement fans...and u got them in less than an hour...great work man..would of really like to chat with u and have u as a close friends..cud u send me an email to chillion@gmail.com  ......i hope u r a friendly person.no strings attached..am from trinidad in the carribean.wat do u specialize in by the way.
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