iWork Numbers, Is it possible to use rows for a variety of titles?

I have a very simply database (one page) in iWork Numbers. It contains three separate sections of data, each which I want to be able to sort.

See the attached document. This was originally worked up in Excel. I'm gradually trying to convert to MAC and learning the ropes is a bit complicated. (Note: I had to convert the file to .xls to get it to upload to experts exchange)

Anyway, notice in the file I have various sections, three total. Section 1 has a list of names, up to 26 or so. Section 2 has a list up to 6 names, and section 3 has a list up to 4 names.

Each of these three separate lists need to be sortable separately. But when I to to sort in Numbers, the whole document goes wacked.

So the question is: How can I make it so that only certain lines get sorted? And are there any other suggestions for improving this as far as being a simply database is concerned?
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Here are some tutorials:

greghollAuthor Commented:
Hi again. OK. I figured out the sorting bit. I had to select "sort rows" in lieu of "Sort entire table" in the little drop down box. Nevertheless, any other suggestions to improve the database would be appreciated.
greghollAuthor Commented:
Glad to help!
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