How can i write values in a csv file and an access database read it automatically.

Hello experts!Congratulations for your website!I would like to ask you something which makes difficulties to my project.I have got a vector :

first step:
e.g vector< string > musicTags; and its contents are the tags from an mp3 file.How can i make those values to stored like this in an csv file.

path  filename title album artist filesize ...etc( about 10 colums on the csv file)

second step:
I have got an ms access database and i would like to read this values <font color = red><b>automatically</b></font>.

Please i would really appreciate if you could help me.

Ps: Do you know any website with examples with C++ builder??

An other way to do it was the use of oracle database but i have never done it before.So an example would be very usefull too.

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pcelbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you able to access data via ODBC connection in C++ builder? Some component to allow it is e.g. here:
or here:
some additional info:

If you use ODBC then you don't need to create CSV file but you'll update the Access database directly from C++.

If you still need to create CSV file and read it by Access then you have to write a small Access application which will do it for you.
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