Running 32 bit program on windows 7 64 bit

I am trying to install ACT 2006 ver b on my new windows 7 profesional notbook that is set up as 64 bit operating system. When i try to install act it says that it cant be installed on a 64 bit operating system. Any ideas?
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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
If it is not supported, you won't be able to run ;above thread is about ACT! not exactly for the same version but will guide you.
You can go for the latest act version 2010, as the client is supported on windows 7 x64 

Yes, you can not install 32 bit applications on 64 bit OS, you have to go to manufacturere site and then get a 64bit version of software which you are trying to install.

Faraz H. Khan

FYI: There are some antivirus programs which are 32bit and can run on 64 bit OS.

Faraz H. Khan
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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
read the 

in full as it has important notes which may help you in deciding the version and environment, as in the end it says that on x64 a 32bit Internet explorer is recommended.
According to (from 2007):
Q. Can  I install ACT! on a 64-bit client operating system?
 A. Currently, ACT! cannot be installed on a 64-bit client operating system. ACT! is a 32-bit application which works with 32-bit database software. Modifications to ACT! are required to support the installation and use on 64-bit operating systems. We are currently working on these changes. Continue to check this site for updated information. In the meantime, we recommend that you install a 32-bit operating system unless there are specific applications that require the use of a 64-bit operating system

ACT! 2009 by Sage (version 11) is supported on 64-bit Vista but does not list Windows 7. You may be out of luck until the next revision.

You could always set up a virtual machine running a 32-bit OS and run ACT 2006 in that instead.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
ACT 2010 is supported on Windows 7 X64 (All versions)
John GriffithConsultantCommented:
You most certainly can install & run >> 90% of the 32-bit (x86) apps on an x64 Windows system.   ACT! 2006 is one of those x86 apps in the << 10% that can not run under x64 because of its ties/ usage of other x86 apps that are now x64.
Most of Microsoft's installed software is x86 - Live Messenger, live Mail, etc...   In x64, you have 2 Program Files folders and 2 \system32 folders; the x86 one has a different name - \syswow64
- \windows\system32 = x64
- \windows\syswow64 = x86
If an x86 app like HiJackThis accesses \system32, it is re-directed to \syswow64 and \system32 becomes the virtual \sysnative.  The x86 HJT believes and in fact reports that it is in \system32, but is not; hence the reason that so many "not found" errors appear on HJT running in x64.
x86 apps are also limited to x86 rules under x64.  For example, an x86 app is still capped at the 2^32 or ~ 4GB memory addressing, regardless how much installed RAM is on board the x64 system.
I would strongly urge the purchase of x64 over x86 today for most.  It is the future and x64 sales are exploding.
I have listed the folder contents of my Windows 7 \Program Files (x86) folder in the code box.
Regards. . .

 Volume in drive C is Windows 7 x64
 Volume Serial Number is AEC1-A506

 Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)

01/02/2010  02:05 PM    <DIR>          .
01/02/2010  02:05 PM    <DIR>          ..
01/02/2010  02:05 PM                 0 1
11/12/2009  01:47 AM    <DIR>          2.52
11/11/2009  09:59 PM    <DIR>          Adobe
11/13/2009  01:04 PM    <DIR>          Belarc
11/12/2009  12:03 AM    <DIR>          Common Files
11/13/2009  12:11 AM    <DIR>          CrossLoop
12/18/2009  10:37 AM    <DIR>          Hewlett-Packard
12/27/2009  05:57 AM    <DIR>          HJT_203
11/06/2009  11:10 PM    <DIR>          ieSpell
11/28/2009  07:36 PM    <DIR>          ImgBurn
11/15/2009  06:04 AM    <DIR>          Internet Explorer
11/19/2009  03:52 PM    <DIR>          JAM Software
12/20/2009  11:47 AM    <DIR>          Java
11/11/2009  09:45 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft
11/12/2009  12:03 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft ActiveSync
01/01/2010  07:17 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Office
11/12/2009  12:03 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Office 2003 FrontPage
11/10/2009  07:59 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007
11/11/2009  07:08 PM    <DIR>          Microsoft Silverlight
01/01/2010  07:17 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft TechNet
11/10/2009  07:59 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Visual Studio
01/01/2010  07:17 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
11/10/2009  07:57 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Visual Studio 8
11/15/2009  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
11/13/2009  05:12 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft Works
11/10/2009  07:59 AM    <DIR>          Microsoft.NET
12/04/2009  04:31 AM    <DIR>          Mozilla Firefox
11/10/2009  07:59 AM    <DIR>          MSBuild
12/10/2009  12:34 AM    <DIR>          MSECache
12/05/2009  01:42 AM    <DIR>          Notepadx++
07/14/2009  12:32 AM    <DIR>          Reference Assemblies
11/10/2009  04:09 PM    <DIR>          Skype
01/02/2010  12:00 AM    <DIR>          SpeedFan
11/10/2009  07:55 PM    <DIR>          TextPad 5
07/13/2009  11:57 PM    <DIR>          Uninstall Information
12/30/2009  12:23 AM    <DIR>          Verizon
11/06/2009  10:48 PM    <DIR>          VideoLAN
12/31/2009  03:01 AM    <DIR>          VS Revo Group
07/14/2009  12:37 AM    <DIR>          Windows Defender
12/10/2009  12:35 AM    <DIR>          Windows Installer Clean Up
11/20/2009  05:17 PM    <DIR>          Windows Live
11/07/2009  01:02 AM    <DIR>          Windows Live Safety Center
11/07/2009  06:24 AM    <DIR>          Windows Live SkyDrive
07/14/2009  12:37 AM    <DIR>          Windows Mail
11/06/2009  06:32 PM    <DIR>          Windows Media Player
07/14/2009  12:32 AM    <DIR>          Windows NT
07/14/2009  12:37 AM    <DIR>          Windows Photo Viewer
07/14/2009  12:32 AM    <DIR>          Windows Portable Devices

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graffitirestaurantAuthor Commented:
I want to close this question please end it.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
ACT! 2006 used MS SQL 2000 which wasn't supported by Microsoft on Vista, let alone Windows 7

As per Muthair:
ACT! 2008 added support for Vistra and Vista x64
ACT! 2010 added support for Windows 7

Next time, you might try adding the ACT! Zone here -
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