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UCC-128 or GSI-128 Barcodes in Crystal Reports

A customer requires that the packing list and carton labels have UCC 128 barcodes.

The Crystal Reports that came with our ERP system has functions for creating Code 128 and UCC 128 barcodes - but these don't seem to be working properly.

The impression I get is that
1) The two major 128 font providers are ID Automation and Azalea Software.
2) They both provide UFL functions for Crystal Reports
3) That these UFL functions use their own Start, End, and FNC1 characters
4) Only their fonts can translate these characters to the appropriate 128 barcode symbols.

Has anyone implemented UCC-128 or GSI-128 Barcodes in Crystal Reports?

Which UCC-128/GSI-128 Barcode font provider is recommended for Crystal Reports?

Or, has anyone used Crystal's font formulas, Crystal's native barcode generation, or created their own UCC-128/GSI-128 text strings within Crystal and used freely available Code 128 fonts to render the barcodes?

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milwjwhAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response. I had check out all the sites previously.

Can you recommend Azalea over ID Automation?
Have you implemented Azalea in Crystal Reports?
I have never had a reason to use barcode fonts.

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I know nothing about Crystal Reports, so cannot offer any direct advice - but I can offer a little background information on Code 128 barcodes and fonts.

The ISO specification for Code 128 defines the location (in terms of ASCII characters and Unicode values) for the barcode symbols with Symbol Character Values (SCVs) 1 - 94 inclusive (they are mapped to hexadecimal code-points 21 - 7E inclusive).

For the bar-code symbols with SCV 0 (space), SCVs 95 - 105 inclusive, and SCV 106 (the stop character), the ISO specification does not specify the location of these symbols within a font - so different vendors choose their own mappings for these SCVs.

This is almost certainly the reason why (as you have discovered) you have to match the software solution with the appropriate font.
milwjwhAuthor Commented:

Azalea's Excel macro comments that True Type will not allow any Ascii value 32 or lower. Maybe some restrictions at the high end as well. Code 128 uses those funky high and low Ascii values for start, stop, check digit and the control character they use for double density in 128c.

So, Azalea and ID Automation probably find an Ascii character that TrueType allows and is not in the barcode character set and then substitute the appropriate barcode symbol in their font set.

Don't confuse Symbol Character Values (SCVs) with Character CodePoints.

SCVs are notional values which identify each barcode symbol; they are also used in checksum calculations.
The Code 128 barcode defines 107 different symbols, and identifies them using SCVs 0 -> 106.

Character CodePoints are (loosely) indexes into a given font.

The Code 128 specifcation defines the mappings between SCV and Codepoint for most (but not all) of the symbols; I've no idea why the specification does not map all of the SCVs to Codepoints.

The defined mappings are for SCVs 1->94, which are associated with character codepoints in the range 33->127 (equivalent to hexadecimal range 0x21->0x7e).
The symbols associated with these SCVs are the ones which have different "interpretatations" depending on the current subset (A, B or C) in force.

Mappings for the remaining SCVs (which are mainly "control" symbols like Space, Start_A, Start_B, Start_C, Shift, etc.) are vendor-dependent - I think that IDAutomation use something like codepoints 0xc2->0xce, or perhaps 0xb1->0xbd, for these 13 SCVs.
milwjwhAuthor Commented:
Purchased Azalea Software's Code128 Tools for $595 for two years.

Installed UFLs and fonts on server. Worked - but some issues required a re-boot.
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