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Fedora 11 - Help to remove driver - boot into text mode

Fedora 11
I am completely new to using linux so this is probably an easy question.
I was recently trying to install a graphics driver and after the reboot the PC went blank. I have read about getting linux into text mode where I was hoping to remove the driver but it automatically boots straight into loading. I have read on some websites that you are supposed to get an option before the boot and you can select init 3?

 I can view the interactive mode during the boot.  Are there any other keys I need to press to get this into text mode or to give me a console window.
I need to run /usr/share/ati/fglix-uninstall.sh to remove the drivers.

Thanks for your help.

2 Solutions
Try pressing CTRL + ALT + F1 to change to 'text mode'. Do this when the computer have booted up. Even in the blank screen.

Then login as root or your own user and do the necessary.

init 3 is a command to get your linux into state 3, that is what you call text mode.

You can use CTRL + ALT + Fx where x is 1-6
The advice given above will only work on a system that already booted into graphical mode. But it will not let you terminate graphical mode, it only offers you an additional text mode login while X-windows is still running on another tty in the background. This will let all modifications to the X-Windows system fail.
In order to enter initlevel 3 (which terminates the GUI completely), you must logout your current user (or try hitting CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE), relogin as root on the text console, and then type 'init 3'.

However, the easiest way to boot into initlevel 3 is on the initial Fedora Grub boot screen:
Once it appears, hit the 'a' key.
You will get an editable line already partly filled with boot options; make sure there is a blank space and then add '3'. Hit Enter to boot into text mode. Login as root, and do your editing. Once finished, type 'reboot'.


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