airmon-ng - no interface connected on VMplayer/Backtrack 3 software

For security/testing purposes:

I don't get an interface on Backtrack 3 software running on VMplayer.  The command I type is  airmon-ng, but nothing appears.  I just get an interface, chipset, and driver output, but no information beneath it.  If I type the iwconfig command, I get the following output:

lo                             no wireless extensions
eth0                         no wireless extenstions

How can I turn on either one of these extensions.  I tried using the wifi card within my laptop and since it was suggested not to use that one, I ended up springing for Netgears WG111v3 usb adapter.

What do I need to do to make sure it starts, what I'm I doing wrong?
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Your USB wireless needs to be supported by both BT and VMWare. Are you sure this is the case?
If so, did you install the "VMWare tools" for BT? They ususally take care of advanced hardware issues.
OCwaste2Author Commented:
I installed the VM tools for BT, but still can't get anything to work properly.  

Any ideas?
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