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What kind of fish should go with my goldfish?

My goldfish, "Jack", looks like he needs a friend - though his reputation of eating his friends makes him a little less desirable as a roommate. Here are the specs:

Feeder Goldfish
6" in length
1.5" - 2" width
2" - 3" height

29 gallon tank
Jack is the ONLY resident of the tank
Water is room temperature
Water has a filter, aerator and bubbling treasure chest for oxygen delivery

Jack is happy, but I'd like to see others live peacefully with him as a roommate. I just keep imagining trying to live with Jeffrey Dalmer.......... not appealing at all. If I got a loach - what kind? How are algae eaters with goldfish? What kind of algae eater? Catfish? Thoughts? Suggestions? Is it safest that he remain a bachelor in his bachelor pad?

Thanks for all of your help!
Nancy McCullough
Nancy McCullough
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1 Solution
I'd suggest a Weather Loach or a Black Moore for something a bit different. We have both in the tank with our goldfish as well as a number of others and they all get on fine. Strikes me that they all like the company.

Our weather loach even though a bit unusual is the family favorite.
Nancy McCulloughAuthor Commented:
I was pondering the Weather Loach.... what do they eat? I am still afraid that Jack will eat it. He is a monster when it comes to eating his roommates (he ate 9 goldfish in 1 weekend).....
Wow... serious fish!

Our weather loach just eats goldfish flakes and loves them. Nothing fancy around here. We just crunch them up a bit and he hoovers the bits up from the bottom when they sink. Occasionally, he pops up to the top but generally, he just waits for the food to arrive.

Believe me when I say that Jack will not eat a weather loach... they're pretty much indestructible. I read up a good bit on them after we got ours because they seemed so unusual and they really are totally fascinating as well as being great at predicting the weather. Ours spends a good deal of his time propped up on his two front fins, like elbows watching movement outside the tank.

If you're thinking about a weather loach, keep the lid on the tank because I understand they are better than Houdini at escaping (and surviving the escapes).

Compatible fish include rudd, tench, orfe and koi, but the latter will require specialized care. Ramshorn snails are helpful by eating any algae that grows in the pond. It is of great importance to introduce fish that will consume excess goldfish eggs such as orfe.

What fish are compatible with common goldfish in a tank?
Compatable Info:

All coldwater fish on sale at aquatic outlets are likely to be compatible with each other. However, there may be a number of issues relating to a fish's compatibility or suitability to specific pond sizes and conditions.

Shubunkin / Sarasa Comets
Similar nature to the traditional goldfish (after all, they are the same species). No need to worry about the compatibility with goldfish. If your pond is suitable for goldfish, these will make worthy companions.

Fancy Goldfish
Bred for their 'weird and wonderful' features, fancy goldfish are not compatible as a pondfish with other goldfish. They will rarely overwinter on account of their inbred nature and in summer, these slower swimming fish will find it difficult to compete for food during the activities of feeding time.

Although still a member of the carp family, the Koi is more of a voracious feeder, keener to scavenge and root around than a goldfish. Plants are a 'no no' as koi will help themselves to planted baskets and do their very best to scatter the aquatic soil all over the pond. (After tasting it of course!). Koi also have a greater growth potential, rapidly outstripping the goldfish clan. The odd small koi can make a useful addition to a pond, and you are likely to be faced with a problem when it gets so big. Koi are best kept in a deeper, unplanted pond compared with a traditional garden pond. Also, watch out for ghost koi, as they can really grow very quickly, as they are particularly voracious feeders.

Golden Orfe
Usually available in the golden variety, orfe can make a very lively addition to a pond. Taking residence in the upper layers of a pond, the Orfe is a sleekly built shoaling fish and is capable of jumping clear of the water. Orfe prefer 'cleaner' water than the goldfish, but adapt well to a garden pond with lots of surface area. They are also likely to be the first of the pond fish to show a change in behaviour should water conditions start to deteriorate.

Rosy Red Minnows:
Almost a miniature version of the Orfe in appearance, the Rosy Red Minnow is a useful pond addition for exploring tight nooks and crannies in a well-planted pond. They are a shoaling fish, and can become very territorial come breeding time, the Minnow is one of the few carps to show aggression. It's a good job it's such a small fish!

Golden Tench:
If you were to put a tench in your pond, the only time you would be likely to see it again would be if you were to clean the pond out. Fortunately, golden tench (their colour is very similar to Orfe) are available as a visible, yet functional fish, inhabiting the depths of a pond and taking care of any food that may reach them at the bottom.

Choosing fish for the garden pond can be a most enjoyable 'outing', especially when there are so many varieties from which to choose. The vast majority of pond fish are compatible with each other in terms of aggression, but may have particular pond-specific requirements.gression, but may have particular pond-specific requirements.

Compatible - Garra Pingi Pingi (algea eaters), Golden Dojo Loach (bottom cleaner), Apple Snail (golden in color - they are a nice touch!), Rubber Lip Pleco (although they like the tank to be on the top end of a cold aquarium). Be sure, for your algea eaters, to add algea wafers to your tank - mine have been good with one or two every week. Hope this helps!
Nancy McCulloughAuthor Commented:
The weather loach sounds like it might be my best option...... (I hope Jack keeps his chomper to himself!) Thank you to all who participated!

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