Can you map a Mac keyboard to behave like a Windows keyboard?

I want to make my MacBook Pro keys behave like Windows keys AND I want them to work the same when I plug in an external keyboard.  I do not want to make my Windows keyboard behave like a Mac.

In particular: I want the equivalent of the Windows Ctrl key to be on the far left with the equivalent of the Alt key next to the space bar, and I want the Mac Delete key to act like a Windows BackSpace key.

I often share my Windows Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard with my Mac & Windows PCs & I need it to behave the same for Mac & Windows.  I know I can switch around the modifier keys on the MacBook via the System Preferences, but this doesn't help when I plug in an external keyboard.

Is this possible to remap the MacBook's keyboard & have it work the same way with an external keyboard?

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I use DoubleCommand for this purpose:

KeyRemap4MacBook may be a good alternative:
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
There is a great tool for OSX that allows you to create CUSTOM keyboard layouts and supports a huge range of pre-defined layouts too.

It is called Ukulele -
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