Windows Boot Manger - Failed to start - Hardware\Software change might be cause.

I have built a pc and had it working fine. Then I deciide that I would purchase a duplicate hard drive and setup raid0/striping. I went trhough the BIOS and correctly(after seeing video from evga) setup the array. I then installed with no troubles the Vista OS from dvd 64bit. Then tried to install drivers, MOBO driver went ok, when i tried to install vista 64bit vga driver got a message that it wasnt recognizing that I was running 64bit os. Checked in computr properties said os was the 64bit also noticed that the performance, that vista checks automaticly, didnt show any improvement for the hard drive. I attempted then to flash BIOS ! mistake ! lot o error.
When starting up I get windows boot manager "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. Status:0xc000000e  Info: Unexpected error has occured."
When starting from windows os install dvd, to attempt clean install, I get same boot mngr different message this one says the same fail to start recent hardware\saoftware change.But then says "File:\windows\system32\winload.exe  Status:0xc000000e  Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt."
I since have succesfully and correctly flashed to new version. But still can not get anywhere just a circle of the same errors.
Have attempted several times to start from scratch and delete dard drives, change arrays, start install without raid, clear mobo boot referance...nothing???
Please help me!
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FlaminFrostbyteAuthor Commented:
I misprinted the boot mngr details!
Its Clean install message: failed start, recent hardware\software change might be cause.
Info:unexpected error has occurred.
Normal start no dvd\cd:Failed start, hardware\software might cause.
Info:The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.
Sorry about that. I know that details are verrry important.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
FlaminFrostbyteAuthor Commented:
Did more research since this question posted. Solution seems to be the apic in BIOS needed to be enabled.
I am currently going through OS install and all that goes with it...
Get back to you on anymore of a problem???
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Glad to see progress is being made
FlaminFrostbyteAuthor Commented:
I needed to return new hdd as dfective. Trying to start then encountered issue with needing os disk to boot."disk boot failure...". After removing newly added hdd had other problem (there were 3 all together, 2 same and one for backup) returned one of the two same. Now the os install didnt list, the old hdd I was going to use for the raid0, (It was in the bios) (I had disabled raid) I only had the option to use the third hdd that was for bakup. NO. OH NO. Then!  When I chose (after I had reformat) the drive ?only HOPE left third and last drive to install... I got an error an option for windows installl???
I have a friend who requested after talking with me about this! All of this! That he take???
I didnt encourage that. contrary I almost couldnt. But he want to learn as I do too. So agreed about this one and I am now going through research and budget for new parts, as I learned from choosing some incorrectly this time.
I will continue membership and try to answer any questions I can.
There is a wealth of knowledge,most of which, any one of us only has parts of??????.......
So this site and all of its kind are a gift to all of us!
Thanks to all of you out there!.......
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