Remote into GDM on RHEL

I am looking for a tool that will allow me to do a graphical remote control of GDM on RHEL. I have VNC installed but it has issues not allowing connections. What are some other options?
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, there is also TightVNC, for instance:

I assume, however, that basically you are quite likely to run into similar issues with whatever tool you try unless you manage to resolve the permission issues with VNC. Are you sure you configured it correctly?
Please check out some guides:
AeroquinnAuthor Commented:
I have seen all these articles before and none of these configurations are working. I am running RHEL 5.1 and downloaded and installed the latest version of VNC. For example, I can run vncserver in a terminal windows and it starts and showing the session is ready to accept connections. However, it I follow any of the articles, they are listing  service vncserver start. Well, the server responds the service does not exist. I only have one login account and that would be root. I should not have any permission issues or firewalls on. I have already looked at the logs for VNC and the solutions are all over the board. What is are the exact steps to configure VNC on a clean install of RHEL. I guess I am just used to installing it on Windows and it just works.
AeroquinnAuthor Commented:
I did overlook one key piece of information. I did not look under Preferences, Remote Control and allow access. I guess this was security related. It is now working. Thanks again.
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