Itouch "always" connected?

Is there a way to have the Itouch, "always" connected or appear online when in reach on Wifi.  I have family members that are far away, and we are trying to figure out how to use something that allows us to see when where they within range of the WIFI, THAT  does not kill the battery so fast.  It is our understanding, that if they have it connected to skype that the battery will die very fast.  

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The iPhone and iTouch batteries are not particularly great. Anytime you have wireless enabled on them, regardless if you are connected or not, it is going to drain the battery life. Being connected, even via a Push connection such as AIM, is going to use the battery very quickly. That said, Push-enabled applications would likely have the lowest power usage for sustained connections like you are looking for.

Even if not connected to a wireless network, having WiFi enabled still requires it to actively transmit and receive radio waves in order to find available wireless access points. This has a significant impact on battery life. Laptops have switches to disable wifi since it has such a significant power impact.

Honestly, a cell phone is best suited for that kind of availability. Other mobile devices are generally not suited for sustained wireless connections without common recharging. I'm assuming that's not an option for you, but that would be optimal.

Given your situation, you have a few options, albeit they all have drawbacks:
1) Tell the iTouch users to charge often and to turn on/off the wifi whenever they are in range of an access point they want to use. Obviously the drawback is significant frustration and/or inconvenience.
2) Get an expanded battery, such as a MONSTROUS battery from It provides battery life that is several times the iTouch's native battery. It's also a decent size and weight, and takes a while to recharge.
3) Use cell phones - the iTouch's main function is a PMP, not a replacement for the iPhone.
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