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HDD overspins

Ok so my HDD is an idiot. It overspins. The SATA port is fine since I tested it with another HDD. Just so you get the right picture this is what happens:

I turn on my PC, when it tries to check for hardware there's a delay and it never recognizes the faulty HDD. The HDD LED indicates that HDD activity is at MAX, and so does the overspin I hear.
Again it's not the controller/port, checked that.
Oh and it doesn't show in BIOS.

I don't care about my HDD, it can burn and die, I just need the data that's on it. Any way of doing this wiithout paying a fortune?
2 Solutions
then i would boot from a live Knoppix cd, and copy the data to an usb drive or stick :

alternatively, you can hook the disk to a working PC with a free sata  port, and access it from there.

if it never shows in the bios, you may consider to replace the logic board, but be sure you have exact the same model and firmware level !!
I agree with nobus - doing a logic board swap *may* be your best chance at getting the data. As for the SATA port, it should not be possible for any command sent to the drive to cause it to spin more than it was specified to spin. Commands can spin it down and put it into various sleep modes, but not overspin. Even a faulty port wouldn't cause the drive to overspin.

If it's not getting picked up in the BIOS, I highly doubt any software you can find will work, but it never hurts to try. Also, trying another PC is sometimes helpful as it can have more tolerance for error. I've had best luck with external drive adapters myself.
tom3306Author Commented:
Thanks to both, I'll give it all a try but it'll probably take a day since I have to use another PC. Will report back. Oh and my PC is working, the faulty HDD just has data on it, Windows are on another drive.
maybe your 2 drives have the same board?
the most important thing is to get the BIOS to recognize it.....

then it is just a matter of reading the data (or whats left of it) and putting it on another drive
start by reading it from a linux live cd.

if that doesnt work, try a data recovery application - Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro is what i use
there are quite a few free data recovery apps out there, but i have never tried them

with Easy Recovery, download a trial and install it on a working system
attach the sick drive and scan it (will take time)
the trial will show you all the recoverable files and let you save one file.


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