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Why doesn't my Chinese cursor translator work now, but earlier and occasionally at random?

Why doesn't my Chinese cursor translator work now, but earlier and occasionally at random?

Let me first describe what happens:

Dictionary loading&. Please wait a moment.

I'll have to wait for a very long time before anyting happens,
sometimes it gets completely stuck here so it doesnt get any
further beyond Dictionary loading&. Please wait a moment.

If it passes beyond this point, all I get is a blank square with the
white i in a red circle and Loqu8 iCE and 91656 entries loaded.
It remains on the screen in the lower-right corner of my screen.

The strange thing is that for a moment (have just happened two
or three times), there is a small windows displayed with the icons
for Kingsoft Powerword and sponsored by Google. I think it has
something to do with the cursor translator for Kingsoft Powerword.
But when I check Kingsoft Powerword, the cursor translator is
turned off. So Kingsoft's cursor translator and Loqu8s cursor
translator shouldn't interfere with each other.

And now, as I write this, all of a sudden my Loqu8 cursor
translator works again! Very nice feeling of course, but I want to
have it work all the time, try to find out what is causing it to not
work most of the time lately.

Yesterday, it worked perfect all day long when I wrote two
Chinese translation assignments. But today and before yesterday
for about a week it didnt work properly.

When Loqu8 didnt work as it should, first I tried to start it once
the whole Windows had started up, before I started any other
application. Then, I tried to start it only when I had the cursor
resting on a Chinese text. And always without having started
Kingsoft Powerword. Nothing of this worked.

In Windows Task Manager/Applications, Loqu8 is not there!
Its only in Windows Task Manager/Processes.

In Windows Task Manager, CPU usage furthest down:
0-2 % 69 Processes Commit Charge 648M/3931M

But in the Processes list, one of the processes (System Idle
CPU 91-99 % all the time! All other 68 processes in the list
is on 00.

Finally, I haven't done any  updates for a while, not for the
dictionaries, neither for the application. But I don't think that
has anything to do with this problem.

And now, when I finish this email, Loqu8 does not work again.
The only thing I did was to open License Manager, but I didn't
change anything or entered anything, just closed it immediately.
After that, the cursor translator stopped working again. But the
cursor still moves in a strange way on the screen, just as when
the cursor translator works.

1 Solution
Jackie ManCommented:
I think that you should remove Kingsoft Powerword and restart Windows to see whether loqu8 will work again.

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