iPhone slow to sync with exchange

I have a client with an iPhone that connects to his exchange account via activesync.

he seems to be getting mails ok,  but there is sometimes a huge lag in updating calendar entries and sometimes they need to be removed and readded to make them appear on the iPhone.

Anyone else experienced this problem before? I am not sure how often the iPhone (on UK Vodafone) checks with the server or of it could be a problem with the server (2003/Exch 2007) not pushing the data to the phone.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks. J
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Please check to see using owa if the calendar entries that are slow to appear show up. If they are visible in owa, then there is a sync problem with phone.

If the appointments don't appear in owa, then the problem lies in the store.

If the problem is with phone, please delete and re-create the sync settings on the iPhone.

If the problem is with the store, then you will need to run eseutil /p, followed by eseutil /d, followed by isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests (run this until you see 0 errors and 0 fixes in the last line)  
jerryhattAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the problem is purely on the iPhone. I will delete and recreate sync settings.
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