offline SharePoint Workspace with Office Web Apps

is it possible to have an offline folder on my harddrive that i can use as a normal local folder, but when im connected to the internet, that folder woudl be synced to Windows Live SkyDrive or Office Live Workspace so that i could use Office Web Apps on these files?

i.e. Is it possible to create an offline shared folder or a SharePoint WorkSpace in SharePoint WorkSpace 2010 beta (the old Groove) that syncs with Windows Live SkyDrive or Office Live Workspace?
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Jason WatkinsConnect With a Mentor IT Project LeaderCommented:
It does seem a bit odd that the target functionality you are looking for is not available in Live Mesh, but could explain why Mesh is not more popular.

Aside of running your own server for the sharing, I am not sure what else to offer besides Google Docs.
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:

I think you are looking for Windows Live Mesh/Live Sync;
KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
thanks for the link, i tried live mesh just now, but the trouble is that it does not support Office Web Apps (from within the browser i.e. you still have to save as files from Live Desktop)

and it does not support my main aim which is to be able to send a link to an excel spreadsheet to someone, which the recipient could open and then without any extra steps edit the file from their browser (using office web apps) WHILE i would have an offline folder that woudl sync my changes to these files .

i.e. SkyDrive supports Office Web Apps and Public folders, but it does not directly support offline folder syncing to my knowledge. Live Mesh does offline folder syncing, but does not have Office Web Apps :(
KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
thanks, that seems to be the case.

tho just found out that SkyDrive Explorer might support offline folders in teh future:

Yes, we're planning to implement this option in future releases of the SDE  
Best Regards,  

> Dear Developer,  
> I was wondering whether your software stores a local copy of the  
> SkyDrive files on the computer harddrive? i.e. if i disconnected my  
> computer from the internet and went on a plane, would i be able to  
> access the skydrive files and woudl your software synchronise any  
> offline changes once i am back online?  


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