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Flex - How to Show / Hide HBoxes similar to Display:none in HTML

In FLEX, I have a panel control with 3Hboxes and a button
Only one of these HBoxes should display at a time (when one is shown the other 2 are hidden and this is triggered by the button)
The problem is that If I set the HBoxes properties to Visible="False", they still take up space in the Panel control.

And If I use includeInLayout=False then I get a nasty issue with the button overlapping

How can these HBoxes be set so that they do not take space while hidden and behave like a <div style="display:none"></div> in HTML

		<mx:Hbox id="box1" visible="false">This HBOX is hidden But Takes Space</mx:Hbox>
		<mx:Hbox id="box2" visible="true"> This HBOX is visible</mx:Hbox>
		<mx:Hbox id="box3" visible="false">Hidden but also takes space</mx:Hbox>
		<mx:Button click="shownextHbox()" />

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1 Solution
you could remove it from the display list:

chuelaAuthor Commented:
Almost there
Do you know if I can pass this box ID parameter dynamically?
myPanel.removeChild("box" + n);

i'm not 100% sure this works in Flex (it does in "real" ActionScript), but you can try:

myPanel.removeChild(this["box" + n]);

also, you can use removeChildAt(index);

so myPanel.removeChildAt(0) would remove the first child.

otherwise, you can just add each box reference to an array and use that:

var boxes:Array = [box1,box2,box3];

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chuelaAuthor Commented:
Thank You but it does not work
The problem lies in then showing the box again
I don't know how to do that (hide and show an HBox inside a panel) just like hiding showing a <div> tag in HTML

IN HTML you can just set display="none"; through Javascript to a layer to hide it and then display=""  to redisplay it. I just need a similar behavior to it
you can use addChild or addChildAt to put it back (same syntax)...  there's no directly identical method like display:none, and the example you gave at first (visible and includeInLayout set to false).  the display list is the closest approximation to display:none (both remove the item from the display list)
chuelaAuthor Commented:
You are absolutely right and it works exactly like the HTML option!
Thank You
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