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I am attempting to use some borrowed code in VBA with Access 2007.  One of the lines of code is Application.International (xlDecimalSeparator).  However, when I compile, it errors out on this line saying Method or Data Member not found.  I have set a reference to the Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library, but obviously that wasn't the correct one.  

Can anyone tell me what Library I need to be referencing (if that indeed is my problem)?
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VeeVanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am assuming that you are trying to set the decimal separator in Excel. What you need to do first, is tell Access what "application" is... Like this:

Dim app as Excel.Application
app = new Excel.Application
app.International (xlDecimalSeparator) = whatever.

If this is NOT what you are trying to do, please provide more of your code.
MsSherryAuthor Commented:
Awesome!  Thanks for the quick response.  I am obviously a novice when it comes to using functions outside of Access.   Thanks for teaching me how :)
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