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Static IP block and networking

I have block of 5 static ips from my internet provider(qwest)
I have two web servers. One is LAN webserver1, other is  Static Webserver2

LAN WEBSERVER1 is connected using the lan. IP TO access web page on this server we go to the ip address (67.xx.xxx.x6) and then access the web page from outside the lan. Inside the LAN we just need to go to

Static WEBSERVER2 is configured with an static ip 67.xx.xxx.x2 and when I try to access it from outside the LAN, it doesnt work. Within LAN if I enter 67.xx.xxx.x2 in the web address then it works. However this fails from out side the network. Amazingly yet, the shell (SSH) on this can be accessed from outside using putty!  I tried ftp , and that also doesnt work on that webserver2. Only SSH does work for both servers.

Router has NAT enabled. When I turn off NAT then everything on Webserver2 Works but then LAN Webserver1 (Which is also set on DMZ) doesnt work from outside.

I am going crazy trying to figure out this..any help will be appreciated.
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It sounds as if you may have configured webserver2 with 67.xx.xxx.x2 directly on it.You need to set it up just like you did webserver1.

It needs a private internal IP address and on the router you need to setup a static one-to-one NAT of 67.xx.xxx.x2 to the private IP address (192.168.1.xx) you give webserver2.

This does assume that your router can do multiple one-to-one static NAT's.  If it can't you may have some problems.
Andrej PirmanCommented:
Check DNAT (Destination NAT) on your router for IP 67.xx.xxx.x2 and port 80 - it should be mapped to Static Webserver2's internal IP.
You can remove the server(s) from the domain but the cluster service won't work properly unless the server(s) are/is part of the domain.

If you need to remove the servers from the domain for some reason, you would want to stop and disable the cluster service on each of the servers you are removing from the domain. Once you are done with the testing, you can add the server back to the domain and then set the cluster service back to Auto and start it up (assuming you haven't changed the computer name).  If you are removing the server from the network for good, then I would remove the node from the cluster (through Cluster Administrator) before removing from the domain.

As for changing the IP address of the cluster, you can make that change in the Cluster Administrator. Once you make the change, it should start responding to the new address.

Hope that helps.
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