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Compression of safety copies

When I form the safety copies I indicate that they should have compression but the copies are realized without compression, someone knows because?
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Andrej PirmanCommented:
If you have selected "hardware compression" and your tape drive does not support it, your backup will be uncompressed.
MarDNTAuthor Commented:
I have selected hardware compression but if it is not exist, software.....
What is your backup target (tape drive (which one?), or CD/DVD, or hard disk, or.... ?)?

How do you know that Veritas is not using either HW or SW compression?
MarDNTAuthor Commented:
I know that is not using compression because all the copies indicate compression 1:1. My backup target is tape drive, this is of a test

    |    |__     Vendor: HP      

    |    |__     Format: LTO-3

    |    |__     Capacity: 400 GB (native) 800 GB (assuming 2:1 compression)

    |    |__     Serial Number: 2150562817
|__ Test 'Data compression test' started on device 'HP Ultrium 3-SCSI' at address '3/0.4.0'

    |__ This test will overwrite all the data on this tape. Would you like to continue the test?

    |__ Analysis Results

    |    |__ Compression test started

    |    |__ Testing the Ultrium 3-SCSI

    |    |__ Compressed write transfer rate = 63.16 Mb/sec (I/O path, not backup data rate)

    |    |__ Compressed read transfer rate = 66.67 Mb/sec (I/O path, not backup data rate)

    |    |__ Read compression ratio is: 2.62 : 1

    |    |__ Write compression ratio is: 2.62 : 1

    |    |__ Total MB sent to host: 1200

    |__ Operations Log

    |    |__ Checking for a tape...

    |    |__ Checking for a write-protected cartridge...

    |    |__ Rewinding the tape...

    |    |__ Writing 1200 MB of data...

    |    |__ Rewinding the tape...

    |    |__ Reading 1200 MB of data...

    |    |__ Rewinding the tape...

    |    |__ Test Passed.

MarDNTAuthor Commented:
Finally,Choosing the compression only for software it has worked

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