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Force Cisco ASA interface up without physical connection?

How can I make an ASA interface show as up without having it physically connected to anything?  It's easy to do this in IOS, but I haven't been able to find a method for ASA.  I need a method for both physical and logical (vlan subif) interfaces.  I am running 8.0(3)19.
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Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

there is no any commands that you want:(

Interface configuration commands:
  authentication   authentication subcommands
  ddns             Configure dynamic DNS
  default          Set a command to its defaults
  delay            Specify interface throughput delay
  description      Interface specific description
  dhcp             Configure parameters for DHCP client
  duplex           Configure duplex operation
  exit             Exit from interface configuration mode
  hello-interval   Configures EIGRP-IPv4 hello interval
  help             Interactive help for interface subcommands
  hold-time        Configures EIGRP-IPv4 hold time
  igmp             IGMP interface commands
  ip               Configure ip addresses.
  ipv6             IPv6 interface subcommands
  mac-address      Assign MAC address to interface
  management-only  Dedicate an interface to management. Block thru traffic
  mfib             Interface Specific MFIB Control
  multicast        Configure multicast routing
  nameif           Assign name to interface
  no               Negate a command or set its defaults
  ospf             Configure interface specific OSPF parameters
  pim              PIM interface commands
  pppoe            Configure parameters for PPPoE client
  rip              Configure interface specific RIP parameters
  security-level   Specify the security level of this interface after this keyword, Eg: 0, 100 etc. The relative
                   security level between two interfaces determines the way the Adaptive Security Algorithm is applied.
                   A lower security_level interface is outside relative to a higher level interface and equivalent
                   interfaces are outside to each other
  shutdown         Shutdown the selected interface
  speed            Configure speed operation
  split-horizon    Configures EIGRP-IPv4 split-horizon
  summary-address  Configures EIGRP-IPv4 summary-address

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In short Its not possible to keep the port up without a physical connection.

I have also observed that the Ipsec tunnel would not be up if your inside network port/vlan is not up.

Hope this helps

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