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I have a public site and on the main page, a Table of Contents web part shows all the subsites. Now I need to add a subsite, but not have it appear in the Table of Contents. I see that there is an option to "show hidden sites" in the tool pane for the web part, but how do I make the site a hidden one?
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on a MOSS site, In the site settings page, you can modify the navigation.  You highlight the item in the navigation you want hidden, and click "Hide" from the toolbar.  If it's a publishing site, you have other options as well, but modifying navigation is the standard way.
If you use WSS, it's a lot trickier to do...it requires modifying the navigation controls, which means some code to write and deploy.
Which SharePoint are you running?
Mike Sharp
TEEDAAuthor Commented:
I am using MOSS, and I realized that I had no option to hide using the navigation customization because I didn't have the show subsites checked. Now that I do, I can hide the new site.  Many thanks!
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