No Active Network Adapters Found - Pending Changes may disrupt network Connectivity

On applying / Creating a virual network a warning screen came up stating that "This computer may lose it's network connection while the changes are being applied.  These changes may also overwrite some static changes. If this happens you must reapply the static changes to restore network connectivity.  On accepting the warning the Microsoft Hyper-V Server's network adapter appears to have been disabled.  "No active Network Adapters Found".  The Hyper-V server only having a command prompt I dont know how to activate the Network card.
Option Number 8 in Server Configuration SConfig.cmd just brings up the menu again.

Additional information -  Have established that the local IP Address is blank.  I want to activate the NIC and set it's IP to
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Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:
To Close!
Untill the next problem!

Hi All.

This problem has been resolved Thank You.
This is a study lab for myself and obviously by the time I got to this point things were very messed up.

I have wiped the server clean and did a very careful installation of Hyper-V server and John Howards HVRemote.   I must have learnt something along the way as the Virtual network appears to be up and running.

Now to go and set up the Virtual machine, add a Windows Small Business Server 2008 as the Guest operating system and apply Integration services.

Thanks Heber
try to assign 2 or 3 static IPs to the 1 NIC.
Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:
My problem is that i am running Microsoft Hyper-V Server and i only have a command prompt.
It would appear that the NIC has been disabled.  So how would I enable the nic and assign it an IP Address ( from the Command prompt.
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Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:
Additional information - Found a Script "Shows the connection state of all the network adapters on a computer"

If oNic.NdisMediaConnectStatus = 0 Then
    sNicStatus = "connected"
  Elseif oNic.NdisMediaConnectStatus = 1 Then
    sNicStatus = "disconnected"
    sNicStatus = "unknown"
  End If


C:\CScriptWorking>CScript "C:\CSCRIPTWORKING\100103 Shows the connectf all the network adapters on a computer.VBS"
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Status of HP NC373i Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter: connected
status of CAS-VNetwork: disconnected                                

OK The HP NC373I is connected so therefore I have to assign an IP address to it?? (
At lease that may allow me to connect to Hyper-V Server.

James HaywoodCommented:
Were you creating a virtual network or changing the Hyper-V network settings? These are different as virtual networks cannot be created within Hyper-V as you have to use remote tools.

What exactly did you do and where from (RDP/Local etc)?
Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:
Attached please find "011004 Summary of actions to date.doc" (lots of pictures)  and a dump of NetSh
I was trying to created a virtual Network on the Microsoft Hyper-V server from a remote Windows 7 PC running Hyper-V Manager.    I have tried to use NetSh to try and activate the Network Adapter by giving it a static IP Address.
All help is appreciated.
Thanks. Heber.
Beggi G.IT ManagerCommented:
what was the solution? what kind of accepted solution is that?

I have exactly the same problem so what did you learn "on the way"

I would prefer not to reinstall my host ...  
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